CYIA exists to develop leaders by challenging students to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and to train and equip them to share the Gospel with children in their communities.


CYIA is a missions opportunity for students ages 12-20, who desire to be equipped to share the Gospel with children. Every student who attends CYIA makes a commitment to teach four 5-Day Clubs throughout the summer. This program has had an impact in the lives of hundreds of students who have grown in their relationship with Jesus, been given the training and had opportunities to reach children with the Gospel.


Discipleship is the main priority at CYIA. We have nightly cabin devotions led by staff, as well as a time set aside in the morning for personal devotions. Younger and older students are paired up to be prayer partners the entire week of camp. Staff spend time all week coaching, interacting with students and encouraging them to pursue Christ! 

Classes at camp challenge students spiritually and teach proven methods on how to share the Gospel with children. Instructors are past students who have had experience working with kids in a variety of settings. Most of our instructors have had extensive training within CEF.
Classes include:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • Sharing the Gospel with Kids
  • Teaching a Bible Lesson
  • Story Telling Techniques
  • Building Relationships through Games


Coaching is another form of discipleship available at CYIA.  Staff, who have been through CYIA themselves, work with students to develop their skills and gifts as they teach. Coaches have a group of 2-4 students that they meet with during study time and work alongside them to help students mature their teaching skills.


Friendships developed at CYIA last a lifetime! God works through the experiences at camp to bring students together. Students come to camp as strangers but leave with a bond that far outlasts the 6 days of training.
Fun Activities
Fun activities are a highlight at CYIA. Students thoroughly enjoy a break from studying during afternoon breaks and large group games in the evening. Water kickball, nine square, water slides and more! Our team of staff work  hard to bring fun games to camp. The last night of camp, everyone comes together for a huge for a themed game. We end the night with a bonfire, sharing testimonies and worshiping together.

Application Process

1) Fill out the application below

2) Fill out a Medical Permission Slip*

3) Read and sign the  Statement of Faith

4) Read the Child Protection Policy and listen
by calling 866-878-4182 

5) Read through the Handbook

6) Mail or pay online your $50 deposit

7) Sign the financial policy(Paid summer missionaries only)

8) Complete the online background check (If over 18)

A  note from the Director

Thank you for your interest in CYIA 2022. We believe God is in the process of raising up a generation of students who are
 passionate about reaching kids with the Gospel. I never dreamed
 that God would use CYIA it to impact students in such a big way. I am excited that you are interested in attending. I know it can be a lot of information so please fill free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions. Our team is praying God gives
 you wisdom as you make this decision.
                                                  -Michel Pena,  /Director CEF of Central Nerbaska

Come Alongside Us

We are excited to join God in the work He is doing in the hearts of kids in Nebraska and around the world.

Will you join Him too?


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