Meet the Staff

Stephanie Unick - Local Coordinator

Stephanie came to Christ at a young age thanks to the guidance of her parents.  She attended CEF® Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA) for two summers during high school.  After receiving her college degree she worked in central China, teaching English.  She then went to law school in Ohio, where she was able to graduate, but moved back to central Nebraska due to a health concern.  She remembered her CYIA training and helped start the CEF Central Chapter in 2013.  After two more years teaching in China, she returned home in April 2016.  In addition to working in the Central Chapter she is attending CEF's Children's Ministries Institute®, preparing to become the Chapter director.


Pamela Barta - Intern

Pamela has always had an interest In children’s ministry, and over the past few years she has attended Christian Youth In Action® and Good News Across America®, where she participated with hundreds of CEF® employees and volunteers to bring the gospel to over 1,800 kids in one week in one city in the US!  She has also taught many Good News Clubs and Five-day Clubs. Pamela is the oldest of eleven children, and has a lot of experience with children. She can teach a club with little preparation, and has experienced controlling a room of children.


She loves sour cream and onion chips, prefers salty foods over sweet foods, loves to teach bible lessons, prefers ESV to KJV, drinks a ton of coffee, likes an organized space, hates the Hallmark channel; listens to classic rock, country and Toby Mac with a little Matthew West/ Matt Redman occasionally, has messy handwriting, but can read and write cursive. She is indescribably helpful and has many great ideas and talents.


We are excited about her joining us and hope she stays for a long time after the summer!



Contact Information:


Stephanie Unick

Local Coordinator


Phone: (308) 224-3558



Child Evangelism Fellowship®



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P.O. Box 2613

Kearney, NE 68848


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Lighthouse Counseling Center, Suite 111

2315 W. 39th Street

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