Volunteer with CEF

Volunteers can serve in a variety of different ways according to their spiritual gifts and interests!

  • Hosting a 5-Day Club in your home or yard.
  • Hosting a one-time Party Club in your home.
  • Serving on a Good News Club team.
  • Sending your teenager to Christian Youth in Action.
  • Serving on the state board or local committee.
  • Becoming a prayer warrior.
  • Becoming a monthly donor.
  • Promoting CEF in your local church.

All volunteers are required to:

  • Agree with the CEF Statement Of Faith.
  • Watch or listen to the Child Protection Policy
  • Complete a Background Check.
  • Turn in a signed Worker’s Compliance Agreement indicating you have completed the above.
  • Complete all forms and send to the local CEF office.


5-Day Club

Good News Club

Church Partnership

Party Club

Fair Ministries


PO Box 2613
Kearney, NE 68848